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20 suspected Boko Haram militants raided a remote Christian village in Nigeria’s northeast last last night, killing 15, burning a church and destroying the town’s trading market. Among the dead was the villages chief. Several homes were also burnt to the ground in the raid, which forced residents to flee into the surrounding bush. Boko Haram, a radical Islamic insurgency designated a Foreign Terrorist Organization by the United States and an al-Qaeda affiliate by a United Nations Security Council Committee, has waged a campaign of terror against Christians, moderate Muslims, educators, students, government officials and military and law enforcement personnel.

06/16/2014 Nigeria (CNN) – Nearly 20 suspected Boko Haram gunmen opened fire on market vendors in Nigeria, killing 15 people in Borno state, witnesses say.

They also burned a local traders market, several homes and a church, said residents who survived the Sunday attack on the remote Christian village of Daku in the district of Askira Uba.

This is the latest raid in northeast Borno state near Chibok, where militants from the Islamist group shocked the world when they kidnapped nearly 300 Nigerian schoolgirls two months ago.

“The gunmen looted food items and money left by traders while fleeing the attack,” eyewitness and resident Andrew Musa said of Sunday’s violence. “They pursued people who attempted to flee into nearby bushes and shot them.”

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