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ICC Note:

On June 12, ICC joined 39 other human rights and faith-based organizations in protesting President and Secretary Kerry’s failure, at that point in time, to mention Meriam by name. Later that same day, Secretary Kerry issued remarks condemning Sudan’s actions, calling for Meriam’s release and stressing the importance of the respect of human rights and religious freedom.

06/16/2014 Washington, D.C. (CNS News) – A coalition of Christian groups held at protest in front of the White House on Thursday to raise awareness about a Christian woman who is imprisoned in Sudan with her infant daughter and toddler son for apostasy.

“In the case of Meriam Ibriham, she needs to be released from the prison in north Sudan,” Ed Lyons of the Persecution Project told “She needs to be granted American citizenship.”

Ibriham was born in Sudan to a Christian mother and Muslim father, making her a Muslim under Sudanese law. She married Daniel Wani, a Christian – a marriage not recognized under Sudanese law.

On May 15, a Sudanese court convicted Ibrahim of “apostasy” because she refused to renounce her Christianity and become a Muslim. For this “crime,” the Sudanese court sentenced her to death.

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