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400 North Koreans travel to China desperate for food, find Living Bread

ICC Note:

This article discusses the story that North Koreans travel to China to seek for food, but find Christ. The North Korean government has found that many North Korean get food and shelters at Christian churches close to the Sino-North Korean border and some became Christians when returning North Korea. Out of fear, the North Korean regime has eliminated the traveling permits for its citizens to visit China and warned the citizens not to contact Christian missionaries who reach out to North Koreans in China. Last month, North Korea even publicly blamed Christian missionaries for what they called “internal problems and human rights issues.”  An ICC contact on the ground said “the border is very tense right now.”

06/02/2014 North Korea (Godreports)- The North Korean famine of the 1990s resulted in the deaths of as many as 800,000 people. The famine’s return in 2013 led some to undertake desperate measures to survive, with many attempts to cross the border into China in a frantic search for food.

Yet in this quest for survival, some have had their souls filled in unexpected ways. Some of the North Koreans understand if they can locate a certain identifiable symbol on a house or building, they will find sustenance.

“North Koreans know when they find the cross, they are able to get food and shelter,” says Joseph Lee, with Cornerstone Ministries International.

One church in northeast China has spearheaded a special outreach to North Korean refugees over the last decade. As a result, about 400 North Koreans who travelled to China to get food have heard the gospel through their ministry.

“It is not easy to tell them about Jesus just right after meeting up with them,” the pastor reported to Cornerstone Ministries. “We have to give them time to open up their heart to us first. We try to spend about three days talking and eating with them.”

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