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“Blow out the candles and make a wish!”  For little Ranoj (pictured centered above), this was not just an expression, but much-needed direction. Ranoj never had a cake with candles, never had a party to celebrate his birth, and in fact, was not quite sure when his actual birthday was.  But on this day, Ranoj was surrounded by his spiritual family and caretakers who celebrated the fact that he had been born, despite not knowing his actual birth date. Ranoj is one of the many children who were orphaned when their parents were martyred for their faith in one of India’s infamous Orissa attacks in 2008. Ranoj represents just one of the hundreds of unseen and forgotten child victims of Christian persecution.

With your support, ICC supports 14 orphans in Orissa, India through its partner Uphold ministries and are able to provide these children with food, shelter, clothing, education, birthday parties, and other needs. Will you join us and answer the cry of the persecuted children of the Body of Christ around the world with love, through words and action? Let us make it impossible for these little ones to be unseen and forgotten for even one more day.  Take action today: