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Yogyakarta, another attack on Sleman’s Christians

ICC Note:

ICC has been following the growing tension between Islamic fundamentalists and Christians in Yogyakarta, the capital of Yogyakarta Special Region in Java, Indonesia. Two days after the attack on a Catholic church on May 29th, Yogyakarta saw another Islamic fundamentalist attack taking place in the same area. However, the police chose not to intervene during the raid. The pastor’s home was also damaged.

By Mathias Hariyadi

06/02/2014 Indonesia (Asia News)- A group of Islamic fundamentalists attacked a Protestant community’s prayer hall, accusing the pastor of wanting to transform it into an illegal Church. It is the same area where the assault against the Catholic Parish of Banteng. The police, present during the raid, did not intervene.

Jakarta (AsiaNews ) – There has been yet another Islamic extremist attack on Christians in the district of Sleman. A group of fundamentalists attacked a Protestant community gathered in prayer in a private home this morning with stones and other sharp objects, in front of dozens of police officers who did not intervene. The extremists have accused the pastor of “wanting to use the house” to transform it into a church illegal. The Pastor’s home – next to the prayer hall – was also damaged.

Fortunately there were no casualties or injuries: the attackers disappeared at noon, when the call to Islamic prayer echoed throughout the area. Now the authorities say they “have opened investigations on the incident”, but have provided no other details.

The attack took place in the same area as a previous Islamic fundamentalist attack against faithful of the Holy Family parish of Banteng on May 29. The Catholics had gathered around 9 in the evening to pray the rosary in the private home of a parishioner named Felicianus when they were assaulted  by a group of 10 people. The mob even returned for a second assault to attack the owner.

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