In Southwest China, A House Church Leader Detained and Two Crosses Demolished

Guizhou house church leader under house arrest for organizing training program

ICC Note:

In Guizhou Province of southwest China, the provincial authority detained a house church pastor for inviting a teacher from outside of the town to conduct training. The religious rule in China forbids preachers to teach outside of their own county/city. After the pastor was detained, the police demolished the crosses inside and outside of the church. A lawyer is now contacting the pastor’s family and tries to help with the case.

05/29/2014 China (ChinaAid)-  Authorities in the provincial capital of China’s inland Guizhou detained the a house church leader on May 22 for organizing a training program in the church, where authorities also demolished two crosses after his detention.

The Christian training program was held at Fengsheng Church in Guiyang; Pastor Shi Denggui leads the church.

Police arrived to inspect the event, which had garnered much local attention due to the teacher being from another town. Police then took Shi into custody. One believer, Zhang Hualin, said Shi was placed under house arrest at a hotel.”

“They invited a teacher from outside of the town to give lessons,” Zhang said. “That’s why they attracted a lot of attention. The training program changed to new places several times [to accommodate the crowd expected to attend]. At last, they decided to hold it in Fengsheng Church.

“The local police came to check things and took… Shi. The cross inside his church, as well as the cross outside, was demolished. They won’t let [the Christians] gather together.”

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