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The defense lawyers for Meriam Yahia Ibrahim, a Christian mother pregnant with her second child who was sentenced to 100 lashes and death May 15 on charges of adultery and apostasy, submitted a letter of appeal on her behalf to the Khartoum Court of Appeals Thursday. A decision as to whether the Court will hear the case is expected to be handed down within the week. Learn everything you need to know regarding Meriam’s case here.

05/23/2014 Sudan (Christian Post) – A pregnant Sudanese woman was sentenced to death for apostasy this month after she refused to renounce her Christian faith. She received some help from a local lawyer Thursday who filed an appeal of the controversial verdict, which has attracted international rebuke.

On Wednesday a bi-partisan group of members of the U.S. Congress also introduced a resolution condemning the sentence delivered to 27-year-old Meriam Yahya Ibrahim by a court in Khartoum, Sudan on May 15, according to CNN.

The filing, notes CNN asks the appeals court to reverse the sentence of the lower court and free Ibrahim, who was also convicted her of adultery and sentenced to 100 lashes for marrying a Christian, Daniel Wani, who is a U.S. citizen.

Her lawyer, Mohamed Jar Elnab, says her 20-month-old son is also in prison with her but he can leave at any time. She is eight months pregnant and her husband is in a wheelchair and “totally depends on her for all details of his life.”

The appeals court is expected to make a decision next week and the lawyer hopes that the request will be granted.

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