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In a city plagued by Boko Haram militants and their relentless attacks in pursuit of establishing a separate Islamic state in Northeast Nigeria to e ruled by Sharia law, a Christian volunteering with Voice of the Martyrs (VOM) was murdered. In a published statement, a VOM staffer said, “His death shocked almost all the Christian community.” According to those on the ground, more than 500 copies of the Christian organization’s newsletter on Nigeria were stolen from the victims car. In response, “Pastors in the area are now praying that the newsletters will minister to the militants,” said VOM.

05/19/2014 Nigeria (Bos News Life) – Churches in north-eastern Nigeria faced another tense day Friday, May 16, after confirmation that a volunteer supporting persecuted Christians has been killed by Islamic militants.

Fighters of Boko Haram, or ‘Western education is sinful’, are blamed for killing the volunteer of the Voice Of the Martyrs (VOM) in the Gwoza area of Borno state, Christians said.

“His death [in late April] shocked almost all the Christian community,” explained another VOM worker in published remarks.

The militants reportedly also stole 500 copies of the VOM Nigeria newsletter from his car. “Pastors in the area are now praying that the newsletters will minister to the militants,” said VOM USA.

He had been delivering hundreds of newsletters, raising awareness of needy Christians, according to investigators. The man also supported VOM by using his own vehicle to transport victims of terror attacks to hospitals, VOM USA explained.

“He served as a contact person between VOM staff and others in the community such as widows, injured victims, Christian leaders and local pastors.”

The attack added to concern among Christians in Gwoza, about eight kilometres (5 miles) from the Cameroon border, who have experienced repeated attacks from Boko Haram militants, rights investigators said.

Thousands have reportedly fled the city, and hundreds of homes, churches and businesses have been razed, after Boko Haram made clear it wanted to establish an Islamic state and ordered Christians to leave northern areas of the troubled African nation.

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