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云南五藏族家庭信耶稣教被停低保 北京守望教会三信徒户外敬拜被拘留(Five Tibetan Christian Families Suspended of Basic Living Allowances in China; Three Believers Worshiping Outdoors from ShouWang Church Detained)

ICC Note:

We translated the article from Chinese to English and it reports that five Tibetan Christian families in Yunnan province, China, were suspended of the basic living allowances from local government due to their Christian faith. Seeing conversion to Christianity as apostasy from Tibetan traditions, the local Tibetan autonomous prefecture government warned those Christians many times in the past years to suspending their gathering. The five Tibetan Christian families are calling for legal support.

In the meantime, three believers from Beijing ShouWang Church were detained, the biggest house church in China whose pastor Jin Tianming has been put under house arrest for over three years.

By 乔农(Qiao Nong)

05/06/2014 China (ChinaAid)- 云南香格里拉迪庆藏族自治州德钦县霞若傈僳族自治乡一个藏族聚会点的带领人,因在家中聚会,去年险遭取缔。在当地乡政府多次警告下,上周该教会的五个藏族家庭被取消低保。此外,北京守望教会三信徒因周日户外敬拜,被处以“行政拘留五天”。


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