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In the remote country of Bhutan, two Christian pastors are being tried in court for practicing their Christian faith. On March 5th, the two pastors were arrested by police and have been held in prison on unspecified charges. The official complaint against them is for holding Christian meetings without official permission. The constitution of  Bhutan provides for the freedom of religion, but Bhutan’s recent actions and the fact that it doesn’t recognize Christianity as an official religion seems to indicate that the freedom of religion is very limited. Please pray for these two pastors as they stand trial.

4/23/2014 Bhutan (Christian Post) – Two Bhutanese pastors, arrested on 5 March 2014 over a complaint of holding Christian meetings without official permission, were expected to be in court on 22 April.

According to reports, the 2 pastors, Tandin Wangyal and Mon Bdr. Thapa, were taking a sick child to a clinic in Khadaney village in Samtse, when police detained them and seized their laptops and bibles.

30 Christians who attended a 3-day meeting prior to the incident were also questioned by police on whether they were lured by the pastors to convert to Christianity.

The two pastors have spent over  a month and a half in jail without any formal charges.

Although Bhutan’s constitution provides for religious freedom, the governing body that regulates religious organisations in the country does not recognize Christianity as an official religion.

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