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ICC Note:
During Easter Sunday, Christians across India took time to pray for India’s national elections. Backing no particular political party, Christians prayed that the elections would be peaceful and that the best leader for India’s future would be elected. Many Christians fear that current frontrunner, BJP, will take power in India following these elections. BJP has traditionally run on a Hindu nationalist platform and states where that party holds majority, Christians tend to suffer. Please pray over the results of this election. 
4/21/2014 India (Times of India) – On the occasion of Easter Sunday, the Christian community in the city prayed for peaceful and violence-free polling in the last phase of the general election. The community also hoped that voters would choose the right candidate to represent them in the Lok Sabha.
Church members took part in special services on the occasion and prayed for the people living in riot-hit areas of the state so that they are able to cast their votes without fear.
“We are not affiliated to any particular political party. On Easter Sunday, we offered our regular prayers to the Lord to help guide us in the right direction. But as this is the election season, we also offered special prayers for peaceful polling,” said Aziz-ul-Haque, pastor of Guwahati Baptist Church.
“We also prayed for voters living in violence-hit areas so that they are able to exercise their franchise in a free environment. Easter is a day when we ask the Lord for peace and pray for a spirit of brotherhood,” said Aziz.
The day was celebrated with rituals. Young girls and boys painted eggs, which were later bought by older members of the church.
The money collected would go to the poor. A part of the money would also be used by those who could not afford to pay for coffins for their dear ones.

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