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ICC Note:
Pakistani Christian Sunny Hyder was shot and killed by a Muslim co-worker after discussing Christians traditions practiced during the Easter holiday. According to Sunny’s father, Sunny and his co-worker had engaged in religious debates that ultimately led the co-worker to shot and kill the young Christian man. According to ICC’s sources in Pakistan, Sunny’s co-worker took exception to Christians believing in the resurrection of Jesus and invited Sunny to convert to Islam. Sunny’s refusal to convert to Islam and his openness in discussing religious topics likely led to his death.  
4/18/2014 Pakistan (Christians in Pakistan) – Sunny Hyder, a Pakistani Christian, was working as a sweeper at Bank Islami in Lahore. While talking about the Easter holidays and fasting in Christian custom, the security guard, Umar Farooq, shot Sunny in his head and claimed Sunny committed suicide. The Noulakha Police station took notice of the incident, the security guard was arrested and Sunny’s corpse was recovered for further investigation.
This incident was based on a religious debate had between the two individuals and religious intolerance common in Pakistan. According to Hyder Masih, father of the executed victim, there was a dispute between his son and security guard prior to the shooting. A few days ago, Sunny shared with his father about the dispute, but his father didn’t take it seriously.
Sunny Hyder’s body was found on sofa on a construction site. He was inside one of the buildings under construction and the door was locked from inside.

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