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ICC Note:
A flurry of recent Boko-haram attacks have seen the murder of 8 teachers, the massacre of more than 130 villagers and the destruction of their property, and the annihilation of 71 innocents in a bus bombing that destroyed more than 30 vehicles in the nation’s capital. On April 14th, the radical Islamic insurgency and U.S.-designated foreign terrorist organization abducted more than 100 (according to eye-witness accounts, more than 200) school girls from the Government Girls Secondary School in Chibok. While Boko-haram’s intentions in abducting the girls remains unclear, the broader ramifications for Christian communities throughout nothern Nigeria, however, couldn’t be more clear: in the eyes of radicals, there are no boundaries. Join ICC in praying for the safe release and return of the girls to their distraught parents and families and for protection four our brpothers and sisters in Christ who continue to suffer at the hands of these Islamic terrorists.
04/16/2014 Nigeria (ChristianToday) – At least 100 girls have been abducted from a secondary school in Borno state, north-eastern Nigeria, by armed militia on 14 April, sparking fears that violence in the region is out of control.
It is thought Islamist extremist group Boko Haram is behind the attack, which took place as the girls slept in their dorms in a school in Chibok. Although all schools in Borno have been forced to close due to increased fighting, the girls – all of whom are reported to be between 16 and 18 years old – had returned to complete their exams.
Boko Haram – which translates as ‘Western education is sacrilege’ – was officially labelled a ‘Foreign Terrorist Organisation’ by the US government last year. It has ties to Al-Qaeda, and is responsible for over two thousand deaths in Nigeria since 2009.
Its leadership has declared its intention to cleanse the country of Christians, eradicate Nigerian democracy, and replace it with an Islamic state guided by Sharia law, although members of the extremist faction have also begun targeting some Muslim communities which they believe to have betrayed Islam.
Late on Monday night, men armed with guns killed a policeman and soldier who were guarding the school and then forced entry into the dormitories, ordering the students to climb into open backed trucks, a state spokesperson said.
“Many girls were abducted by the rampaging gunmen who stormed the school in a convoy of vehicles,” Emmanuel Sam, an education official in Chibok, reports.
Members of Boko Haram are known to abduct women and forced them into sex slavery and domestic servitude, and their leader Abubakar Shekau threatened to kidnap girls from schools in a video just last month.

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