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ICC Note:
Last Sunday, Islamic militants connected to the al-Shabaab terrorist network in Somalia attacked a Christian church in the Kenyan city of Mombasa. According to reports, the militants attacked the unarmed worshipers with automatic weapons, killing six and wounding many others. The Kenyan authorities have made it a priority to bring these attackers to justice declaring all people who attack unarmed worshipers are devils. Please pray for justice to be done in this case.
3/31/2014 Kenya (Turkish Press) – Kenya Deputy President William Ruto on Sunday threatened to hunt down terrorists, even inside places of worship, adding that the noose was tightening around the perpetrators of last week church attack in the coastal city of Mombasa, which killed six people.
“These people will not escape,” Ruto said while visiting the attacked Joy in Jesus Church, according to a statement mailed to Anadolu Agency.
He said the government had instructed security agents in Mombasa to prioritize the arrest of those behind the church attack, confirming that two suspects had been killed.
Gunmen attacked the Joy in Jesus Church during a Sunday morning service last week, killing six and wounding a number of others.
“These people are using dangerous weapons to kill and maim innocent people and we must meet them with equal force to subdue them,” said Ruto.
“Anyone who shoots to kill worshippers in church is a devil. We will not allow the devil to take over this country,” he thundered.
The church attack came a few days after Kenyan authorities announced they had foiled a major terrorist plot after seizing two men driving an explosives-laden car through the coastal city.
Kenya has remained on high alert since militants attacked Nairobi’s Westgate Mall last year, killing 67 people.
The attack was claimed by Somalia’s Al-Shabaab militant group as a reprisal for Kenyan military involvement in Somalia.

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