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ICC Note: In scattered provinces across China, Christians are studying law and learning how to offer a defense against government pressure on the church. While China’s constitution protects full religious freedom and the Communist Party claims to allow religious freedom, across China millions of Christians are forced to choose between worshiping in government controlled “Three-Self” churches or in illegal house churches. Those who worship in house churches are subject to arrest and harassment. Increasingly, however, Chinese Christians are beginning to vocally and publicly standing up for their right to worship. 
3/14/2014 China (ChinaAid) – A series of training seminars, titled Chinese Christian Faith and Legal Training Camp, has been ongoing since the beginning of the year in several provinces across China.
The seminars, which aim to teach Christians how to defend their religious rights in accordance with the law, are led by Chinese missionary Bo Ai, who has been traveling to Chinese house churches all over the county, with special focus on remote, rural areas, for the past 10 years.
Christians who have completed training sessions have said they have a relatively complete understanding of the Chinese laws and regulations that govern religious freedom. Also, Church leaders who have taken part report learning how to protect the various legitimate rights of the church as a whole.
After such seminars, believer involved typically express gratitude for the training, no matter how intense or time-consuming, as they say they feel better equipped to handle persecution from local government departments against their church. Many also report leaving the seminars feeling more determined in their faith.

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