Rescuing and serving persecuted Christians since 1995
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ICC Note: An Iranian pastor who is serving a prison sentence of six years had his cell raided and a Bible and other Christian books taken from him, Mohabat News reported. Benham Irani was taken into custody in 2010. Just recently he was sent to the hospital to receive treatment for the injuries he has suffered from repeated beatings in prison. Now the prison guards have confiscated books that he’d been given from the prison library.
03/15/2014 Iran (Mohabat News) – According to Mohabat News, prison authorities in Central Prison in Karaj, searched Behnam Irani’s cell on March 5, and confiscated his Bible and several Christian books.
A knowledgeable source told a Human-Rights activist reporter, “Four soldiers, one Revolutionary Guard officer, and Mr. Seyyed Parviz Rezvanian, deputy chief prison officer raided Behnam Irani’s cell and searched his and his cell mates’ belongings only to take away Mr. Irani’s Bible and Christian books. Some of the confiscated books belonged to the prison library, and were given to Mr. Irani by prison officials themselves. As they took away Mr. Irani’s Bible and books, they promised to return them to him shortly, but they never did.”
According to international laws, prisoners, regardless of their religious belief, should be given the right to access their religious books.
Behnam Irani had been arrested in 2006 for his Christian activities including holding worship services in his house and proselytizing Muslims. He spent a few months in custody and eventually was released on bail.

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