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A mob of over 250, led by a dozen of Buddhist extremist monks, beat a pastor and his wife after breaking into their home and calling them traitors for their Christian faith.

3/12/14 Sri Lanka (UCAN)-A Protestant Christian Pastor and his wife were recently attacked by a mob led by Buddhist monks in Asgiriya in the central district of Kandy.
A mob of over 250 led by a dozen of Buddhist extremist monks of the organization Bodu Bala Sena broke into the pastor’s house, which belongs to the Church of Grace.
The two were beaten up, called traitors and were threatened. Buddhist monks also threatened the villagers in the province of Sabaragamuw, ordering them not to support and not to spend time with the Pastor.
In response to the aggression, some local Christians have written a petition and collected signatures calling on the authorities of the province to defend their right of freedom of religion.
Amid a socially and politically tense situation where the UN and sections of civil society has been asking the government to stop discriminating ethnic Tamils in Sri Lanka, the violence against religious minorities by Buddhist extremist fringes is increasing.

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