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ICC Note: In this brief report, the Christian community of Islamabad, Pakistan reports that a new church construction has been bulldozed by angry Muslim neighbors. Although the unwarranted destruction of the church is clearly illegal, local sources say none of the culprits have been arrested. Making up about 1.6% of the population, Christians in Pakistan face some of the most discriminatory  living conditions on earth, and are occasionally the target of wide-scale mob violence.  
3/10/2014 Pakistan (Pakistan Christian Post) – Islamic invaders are so strong in Pakistan that they sometime challenge the government; Lal Masjid operation is one of the big examples in the capital. Since General Zia brought in rules and regulations which were supposed to bring Pakistani law more in tune with the Sharia, or at least the Sharia as interpreted by him and his cohorts; these laws, which included the infamous blasphemy law, had a long term impact on Pakistan’s minorities. Since then there has been a steady rise in incidents involving attacks on both Christians. Persecution and attacks on religious minorities on a regular basis is being reported. Christians of Chak ¾ -L, Okara Pakistan have started construction of Church on the land donated by Akber Masih (Christian resident) of the area. They had hardly constructed walls and at the main gate they placed the sign of CROSS. As soon as soon as the Muslims saw the cross, Islamic invaders come and bulldozed the under construction church. They used tractor to pull down the boards that held sacred Bible verses. Human rights activist intervene and lodged an FIR with police under section 295-A and 506 – B against the culprits.
Sohail Johnson, chairman Sharing Life Ministries Pakistan talking on the phone said that the invaders backing up the local politician have not been arrested so far. He reported that Mehr Abdul Sittar, ex-candidate for provisional assembly from Pakistan Peoples Party – PPP has a strong hold in the area and protecting the accused. He said that Saif Ullah Doger, DCO has assured to arrest culprits and to bring them before the court but nothing is being done so far. Instead officials threaten the local Christians. He urged the local government to take strict action against them; he demands the officials to take concrete steps to ensure protection of minorities in the country.

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