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ICC Note:
The issue of Buddhist nationalism is a rising problem on the island nation of Sri Lanka. Mobs of Buddhists led by radical Buddhist monks have increasingly attacked Christians and their houses of worship. In a recent incident, a mob of over 250 Buddhists were led by radical monks to attack and beat a Christian pastor and his wife. Please pray for change soon.
3/2/2014 Sri Lanka (Global Dispatch) – Buddhist monks led a large mob against a Sri Lanka Christian pastor and his wife to end their efforts to hold worship servies.
Bodu Bala Sena or Buddhist Strength Force (BBS) is the name of the group which had eleven monks leading 250 villagers to storm the pastor’s home, reports the Australian Christian Today.
The unnamed man is the leader of Holy Family Church in Asgiriya, Kandy district. He and his wife protested the mob’s efforts to end worship services. The couple was “dragged outside and assaulted.”
“…a senior BBS leader gathered villagers outside the house and warned them against such ‘traitors’. He threatened the same treatment for any villager supporting Christian worship,” the article summarizes.
Buddhist monks have also been threatening villagers Sri Lanka, which is going widely under-reported as no officials are defending the Christians’ rights to religious freedom.

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