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ICC Note: The brutal killing of seven Egyptian Christians working in Libya has brought the violent instability and the extremist targeting of Christians present in Libya back into the headlines. There are now reports emerging that a “bounty” was spray-painted onto buildings in the area offering a reward for those who turn Christians over to the militants. The killings have sparked more discussion about what is necessary to support the Libyan government in its battle against extremists.
02/25/2014 Libya (Morning Star News) – An Islamist militia behind prior attacks in Libya is thought to be responsible for the execution-style shootings of seven Egyptian Christians found yesterday east of Benghazi.
The militia, Ansar al-Sharia, has offered a reward to Benghazi residents who help them round up the rest of the Libyan capital’s Christians, according to rights groups.
Security officials on Monday (Feb. 24), found the bodies of seven Coptic Christians east of Benghazi. The seven men had been shot in the head “execution style,” according to local security officials. Neighbors said that gunmen had come to the men’s apartment building in Garoutha, a suburb in Benghazi, the night before (Feb. 23) and asked who was Christian, according to Egyptian human rights groups.
The gunmen then abducted them at gunpoint, forced the Coptic Christians into a car and drove off, according to rights groups. The men were not seen alive again.
According to Nations Without Borders, an Egyptian human rights and development group, the militia members also spray-painted a message on the Christians’ apartment building and other buildings in the area, promising 10,000 Libyan Dinars (US$7,880) for anyone who turns a Christian over to the militants.
Found slain were Talaat Seddiq Bebawi, Hani Girgis Habib, Nadhi Girgis Habib, Fawzi Fathi Seddiq, Edward Nashed Boulos, Ayoub Sabry Tawfiq and Sameh Romany, according to a press statement by the Coptic Orthodox Church. All were from El-Maragha in Sohag Province.
An Egyptian Christian who suffered persecution in Libya before he left the country said the Copts were clearly killed over their faith.
“It obvious that the attack was because of their faith, because they only picked the Christians there,” he said. “There are other Egyptian Muslims in the same building, but they only went after the Christians.”

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