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ICC Note: “Danger in Yabrud does not threaten only the nuns, but also all Christians,” a spokesman told Lebanese media. The on-going crisis in Syria attempting to remove president Bashar al-Assad from power has been the cover under which many extremist groups have taken aim at removing Christians from Syria and setting up an extremist version of Sharia law. The revolution that began initially as an expansion of rights has seen terrible acts committed in many of the areas that have come under the control of these militant groups.
02/24/2014 Syria (MidEast Christian News) – Dangers in Syria threaten all Christians, sources told the website of the Lebanese Marada Movement.
“Danger in Yabrud (Syria) does not threaten only the nuns but also all Christians as the gunmen acquired their alleys, stole most of their houses, went on a rampage in a new church, stole its contents and settled outside its entrance. The gunmen also have previously bombed the cross of the ancient church, located at the main market, and turned Christians’ houses into military posts,” the website quoted.
Tony Hadad, of Al-Matahen, Yabrud told the site, “At the beginning of the revolution, some Christians participated in the demonstrations and they wanted change but with the evolution of the situation and entry of outsiders, the Christians felt that the revolution has deviated from its right direction.” Hadad said after the entry of gunmen and the occupation of Yabrud, many residents immigrated and the people who chose to stay have been “humiliated” and “threatened.”
“Currently, there are persons want to return Yarbud and Syria to the pre-stone ages,” Hanna Kasis Al-Yabrudy told the site.
Christians in Yarbud number around 4,000, all belonging to the Roman Catholic sect. The city contains three churches: Al-Nagah Church, Our Lady Church and Constantine Church.

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