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ICC Note: Two Christian kindergarten teachers were taken into custody by Chinese police last week in the southern province of Guangxi. They were later charged with “engaging in illegal business operations”, a trumped up accusation that their lawyers say are completely baseless. More likely, their arrest has to do with the Christian teaching materials used in their classes and the fact that the church was founded by a house church pastor, Wang Dao, who was heavily persecuted by the government and later forced to flea to the United States. 
2/20/2014 China (ChinaAid) – Two Christian women were taken into custody on Tuesday from the Christian kindergarten in China’s southern Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region where they both work full-time.
Cheng Jie and Mo Xiliu were placed under criminal detention on Wednesday and charged with “engaging in illegal business operation” according to detention notices issued by the Yufeng (corrected Feb. 21) branch of the Liuzhou Public Security Bureau. Translations of the document will be published shortly.
These detentions appear to be related to the Christian teaching materials used in the school. “The Guangxi authorities are obviously trying to use the business-related, trumped up charges in order to cover up its religious persecution,” Bob Fu, ChinaAid founder and president, said.
“We urge the Guangxi authorities to immediately release these two innocent Christians,” Fu said.
Cheng’s husband, Pastor Du Hongbo, is a house church pastor and missionary. The couple has two small children, aged 3 (corrected on Feb. 20) and 1-1/2 years old.

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