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ICC Note: An Iranian Pastor who is serving a 6 years in prison for “actions against the state” and has been in serious need of medical attention for nearly two years finally received treatment. Pastor Benham Irani underwent surgery to address internal bleeding on Saturday, February 22. The continued mistreatment and persecution of Christians in Iran remains an issue of grave concern.
02/23/2014 Iran (Present Truth) – Present Truth Ministries sources in Iran have informed us that on Saturday, February 22, 2014, Pastor Behnam Irani was transferred from Ghezal Hezar Prison in Karaj, Iran, to a hospital where he has received surgery on his bleeding intestine. The purpose of the surgery was to stop the bleeding permanently, and it was successful.
Behnam Irani is an Iranian Christian pastor that converted from Islam in 1992. He was arrested on several occasions and twice sentenced to serve prison terms. He was convicted for crimes against national security. Behnam is now serving the second year of a 5 year sentence (successive to a one year sentence) in prison. He was subjected to a period of solitary confinement and frequent beatings by prisoners. Since he has been in prison, he began suffering with intestinal bleeding that, at one point, caused him to vomit blood, but VEVAK would not allow him to have the necessary surgery for two years.

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