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ICC Note: Mark Felder, a Christian music artist based in Houston, Texas, is receiving death threats after the release of a song opposing homosexual lifestyles and gay marriage. Felder’s song was a direct response to a popular track entitled “Same Love” released by artists Macklemore and Ryan Lewis. The highly intolerant response Felder is receiving to his music is emblematic of a prevailing culture in the United States which is increasingly critical of Christians and orthodox Christian values. ICC continues to monitor incidents of anti-Christian sentiment throughout the United States. 
2/13/2014 United States (KHOU) – Christian rapper Mark Felder, known in the industry as Bizzle, has said a lot through his music.
“Most of my music addresses the hood,” said Bizzle. “It addresses the streets.”
But it’s one song in particular that seems to have touched a raw nerve among some listeners. In it, the born-again performer takes issue with homosexuality and gay marriage promoted in Macklemore and Ryan Lewis’ hit song, “Same Love.”
Bizzle’s song is a response, using the same music but different lyrics.
“I’ve actually gotten a lot of support,” said Bizzle. “A lot of people liked it.”
But a lot of people did not. Some of them took to social media to post their strongly-worded opinions.
One critic called Bizzle a bigot and a neo-Nazi. Another accused him of being homophobic. And the rapper claimed he’s also received death threats. He’s compiling the remarks in a website sarcastically called
“A lot of people are just calling me everything they can call me,” said Bizzle. “Everything they can imagine. The people who proclaim tolerance need to be tolerant as well.”

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