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ICC Note:
The attack on Christians in northern Nigeria continued as suspected Boko Haram militants murdered a Christian pastor before being repelled by vigilantes. Christians were attacked every weekend in January, leaving over 100 Christians in northern and central Nigeria dead. The Nigerian government continues to struggle to control the violence and the international community continues to do little to assist the struggling Christian community. 
2/1/2014 Nigeria (Charlotte Observer) – A local leader says gunmen ransacked a mainly Christian village in Nigeria’s northeast, killing the pastor before being repelled by vigilantes.
Madagali council chairman Maina Ularamu said Saturday the suspected Islamic militants also tried to burn down the village of Sabon Garin Yamdula during Friday’s attack, but vigilante youths firing guns set them to flight and soldiers later deployed. He said the pastor was rushed to the hospital but died.
He could not confirm other casualties.
In a separate attack, police reported that a bus Friday set off an improved explosive device on the highway through nearby Kuthra village, killing seven passengers.
Thousands have been killed during a 4-year-old uprising by extremists who want Shariah law imposed across Africa’s biggest oil producer, which is divided equally between Christians and Muslims.

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