Rescuing and serving persecuted Christians since 1995
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ICC Note:
Christians living in Nigeria’s northern and central states continue to face intense persecution at the hands of the Islamic terrorist group Boko Haram and the ethnic Fulani herdsmen. Last week, 33 Christians were killed in a raid on a Christian village by Fulani herdsmen. Some eye witnesses say that Nigerian soldiers were involved in the attack. Please pray for the Christians who are facing this intense persecution. 
1/18/2014 Nigeria (Worthy News) – Surviving eyewitnesses to Monday’s slaughter of 33 Christians by Muslim Fulani herdsmen in Nigeria’s Plateau state said soldiers assigned to protect them instead shot at anyone fleeing the murderous attack.
From her hospital bed, 25-year-old Antele Alamba told Morning Star News that hundreds of Muslim Fulani herdsmen carrying firearms and machetes attacked Shonong village, butchering women and children alike while the soldiers that were supposed to protect them instead helped the herdsmen by surrounding the village, trapping everyone inside.
Alamba said she miraculously managed to escape to nearby Fang village where Christians took her to the hospital.
Another survivor, 22-year-old Edward Iliya, said the raid looked like a joint effort by both soldiers and herdsmen.
“I was in the village at the time of the attack,” Ilyia told Morning Star. “We were trapped in the village with no hope of escaping as the rampaging herdsmen attacked us in all directions. God in his infinite mercies caused Christians from our neighboring village of Fang to rush here to assist us. They repelled the Fulani gunmen, and we found ways to escape from the attackers.”
Pastor Yakubu Fom told Morning Star that bodies have been recovered from burnt down homes and the bush surrounding the village.
“One wonders what the soldiers were doing in the village while the Muslim Fulani herdsmen killed and set fire on homes of our members without the soldiers repelling them,” he said.

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