Muslim Brotherhood Keeps Copts from Polling Stations, Attacks Coptic Homes in Minya Villages

ICC Note: As Egyptians are set to vote on a constitutional referendum, reports are emerging of efforts to keep Christians from voting. In Minya, members of the Muslim Brotherhood have violently attacked both security forces and Christians as an attempt to intimidate them and prevent them from voting for the constitution which they say “puts Egypt in the hands of the Copts.”

01/14/2014 Egypt (MidEast Christian News) – Muslim Brotherhood members Tuesday prevented Coptic Christians in the villages of Reida and Bani Ahmed in Minya, Upper Egypt, from accessing polling stations to vote in Egypt’s constitutional referendum.

Brotherhood members attacked security forces securing the stations with firearms and threw stones at the homes of Copts and insulted them.

Security forces dispersed the aggressors and arrested 25 members of the organization, but Copts remain afraid of going to the polls.

Relatedly, several Brotherhood marches roamed the streets of the city of Minya, chanting slogans against Copts, the army and the sheikh of Al-Azhar. Protesters threatened to prevent Copts from voting in the referendum, but Copts did not listen to the threats and continue going to the polls.

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