Eight Christians in Bangladesh Hospitalized After Targeted Attack


Christians “In Panic” as Post-Election Violence Increases in Bangladesh

January 10, 2014 Washington, D.C. (International Christian Concern)-Eight Christians in Bangladesh remain hospitalized, three in critical condition, following a violent attack by Muslim Extremists. Violence against religious minorities, namely Christians and Hindus, has been on the rise both pre and post-election as the extremists have attempted to gain greater political control.

On January, 7, 2014, around 11:00am, four Muslim extremists, descended on the home of Soren Kubi in the village of Bagra Gram in the Jamalpur district. After attacking Soren Kubi with “big knives and local lethal weapons” they “beat him severely before vandalizing and looting his house,” said an International Christian Concern (ICC) contact.

Unfortunately, Soren Kubi, who is the older brother of Bishop Ponen Kubi, the Bishop of the Diocese of Mymensigh, was not the only victim. The attackers, who are brothers, also “violently injured” other Christians in the home at the time; Nirmala Dalboth, Marcila Khokshi, Polita Dalboth, Paulinus Dalboth, and Rajib Rema.

Two neighboring Muslims, Bipul Kha and Monjur Mandal were also attacked when they rushed to aid the victims. The injured have been taken to Medical College Hospital in Dhaka, Mymensingh Government Hospital, and to the to Jamalpur Health Complex.

The attackers, Dudu Kha and his three brothers Jalil Kha, Chhanu Kha and Eski Kha have not been charged nor arrested. The rest of the villagers are “passing their days in panic without any sufficient security,” said an ICC contact. “The local authorities cannot give sufficient security due to insufficient manpower and also the [Muslim extremists] are so terrible and strong with bombs, explosives and so on,” the contact continued. “At this circumstance, you never know who your friend is and who is foe.”

Corey Bailey, ICC’s Regional Manager for Asia, said, “It is clear that violence against Christians, at the hand of militant and radical Islamists, is becoming a frequent occurrence in Bangladesh. It is unacceptable for anyone to ‘pass their days in panic’ simply for practicing their faith and exercising their right to vote. Persecutors of the religious minority should not be allowed to operate with impunity. ICC implores the Bangladeshi government to bring the Kha brothers to justice for their crimes.”

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