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ICC Note: An Iranian Christian remains in hiding after having received numerous threats and abuses as a result of his faith in Christ. Armin Davoodi, a recent convert was threatened with death earlier this year by Iranian secret police. His family continues to face regular harassment both from Iranian authorities as well as from vandals who attack their home. The situation for Iranian Christians remains dire. “The world should know about the situation of converted Iranians,” one Iranian said. They regularly face abuse, imprisonment, and threats of death, simply because of their faith.
11/22/2013 Iran (Morning Star News) – The young woman in Tehran, Iran who introduced her boyfriend to Jesus hasn’t seen him since he fled the city, but his dreams give her hope that he is well.
The Iranian woman has heard that since Armin Davoodi fled authorities who threatened him with death for proclaiming Christ earlier this year, he has been having the same recurring dream he had before he put his faith in Christ and stopped his drug addiction and suicide attempts. She was the one who, two years ago, first explained to him that the shepherd in his dream pointing toward the light was Christ.
Like Davoodi, the young woman (name withheld for security reasons) is also an ex-drug addict and convert from Islam. She met Davoodi in a Tehran rehabilitation center where she worked as a volunteer who taught painting therapy.
“They fell in love, and she told him about her conversion and her belief and the wonders of Lord Jesus,” said a friend. “He told her about the dream, and she knew immediately the meaning of this holy dream and told him to be patient because ‘someone is watching over you and loves you.’”
Davoodi eventually accompanied her to an underground church.
“After five months he converted too, and he never used any drugs again,” the friend said. “Also, he never smoked anything again. He became a true believer and devoted his life to the Lord Jesus and chose to evangelize. He wanted to save lives and souls.”
In Iran, which is nearly 99 percent Muslim according to Operation World, courts can impose the death sentence on Muslim men who leave Islam and life imprisonment on women apostates. The young man who once wondered about the mysterious forces that seemed to save him from two suicide attempts now lives in hiding, but he tells Christians he is not afraid of the death that authorities said awaits him if he continues to tell Muslims about Christ.
After Iran’s secret service learned he was evangelizing in the Christian rehabilitation center, Davoodi was falsely convicted of selling drugs in the facility and was sentenced to prison. His probation officer also told him he would face death if he failed to show up for his weekly meeting with him.
“Unfortunately, the secret police got a tip from someone inside the rehab center about his evangelism activities and arrested Armin,” the friend said. “He was beaten and tortured very badly. Since then he has very bad headaches that keep him from functioning for a couple of hours.”
Police also went to his home and temporarily arrested Davoodi’s parents, besides confiscating his personal computer and books, including Bibles he used to take to the rehabilitation center.
“Armin gave police wrong church address information, and that’s why they beat him badly, but they could not break him, because he knew that he has a Protector, and it really helped him to survive in jail,” the friend said. “‘So Jesus saved me again,’ he told everybody when he got released after a while.”
Without evidence for a conviction with a longer sentence, a judge delivered a five-month prison term to Davoodi on charges not only of drug-dealing but activities against religion and being a danger to the government and Islam.

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