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ICC Note:
Two Christian men who own a fireworks shop in Pakistan have been accused of blasphemy by Muslim patrons. According to the police report, the Christian men used pages torn out of the Quran to pack their fireworks. When the patrons discovered the pages, they immediately accused the two of desecrating a Quran. In Pakistan, the crime of blasphemy is punished by either life imprisonment or execution. It is very strange, or unlikely, that two Christians, fully aware of the consequences of tearing apart a Quran, would use a Quran to pack the fireworks they sold. Please pray for these two Christians as they face the very serious charge of blasphemy.
11/7/2013 Pakistan (Catholic Culture) – Two Christians who own a fireworks store in a village near the northeastern Pakistani city of Wazirabad were accused of blasphemy after wedding guests discovered that their fireworks were wrapped in pages of the Qur’an, according to an AsiaNews report.
The guests immediately destroyed the store.
“We do not manufacture fireworks, we buy them from a factory near Gujranwala and we do not know what materials they use,” said Tariq Masih, one of the owners. “Moreover, these factories are owned by Muslims and no Christian works inside there.”
“We have not even touched the pages of the Qur’an,” he added. “The idea of using these pages for fireworks is beyond all imagination because we are well aware of the consequences.”

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