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ICC Note: While the world watched in horror as the Westgate Mall massacre unfolded, Christian prayer-warriors leapt into action. One family of missionaries recounts their experiences, revealing how God provided for their protection, shelter and deliverance.
10/19/2013 Kenya (The Baptist Standard) – Katherine Walton—the daughter of Southern Baptist missionaries—relied on the prayers of Christians around the world during the horrifying hours she and her children were trapped in Nairobi’s Westgate Mall.
The family crouched in a mall grocery store, praying God would protect them from terrorists who were shooting guns and throwing hand grenades. The siege in the Kenyan capital left 67 people dead.
The Waltons credit God with delivering them from the terror attack, but they also believe God had a purpose in allowing them to be there in the first place.
“I talked with our boys after it happened and talked about God’s perfect timing. He didn’t have to allow us to be there that day. The truck could have broken down, the prescription could have not been ready … There are a lot of things he could have put in our way to prevent us from being there, but he didn’t,” Katherine Walton said.
So, why did God allow it? Walton doesn’t know, but she wonders if maybe her opportunity to speak so publicly about what God did to deliver them is part of the reason. She’s been interviewed by The Today Show, Good Morning America, TIME and People magazines and even Glamour magazine.
“With all this media attention, God must be getting some good out of it,” Walton said. “I’m not telling my story because I want to but so that I can share all the great things God did in it. He’s given me a peace … strength to be able to share that I wouldn’t have thought possible. That’s just amazing.”