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ICC Note: International aid organizations are reporting that the situation in CAR is worsening. Christians are beginning organize to resist the well-armed. veteran Islamist Séléka. The potential for rapid escalation of violence and killing is present, as CAR devolves  into anarchy and civil war. Please pray for the CAR.
10/18/2013 Central African Republic (Deutsche Welle) – The violence in the Central African Republic is increasingly taking on religious overtones. Tens of thousands are fleeing, and at least 30,000 people are waiting for help in the town of Bossangoa alone – so far in vain.
The signs of fighting are already visible 90 kilometers from Bossangoa, hometown of toppled President François Bozizé. There are burnt-out houses everywhere, with clothes and household objects lying strewn in front of them. Chickens, goats, and cows wander through abandoned fields and villages. The air is deadly silent, broken only by bird song.
A few weeks ago, this spot, around 300 kilometers north of Bangui, capital of the Central African Republic, was the scene of fierce fighting between fighters for the Séléka movement and supporters of the ousted president. At least a hundred people were killed, many more injured, and houses were plundered and burnt down. Tens of thousands fled the violence and are now still homeless.
“People fled into the bush,” one man reported from a village around 40 kilometers from Bossangoa. “They are mainly living on cassava leaves.” There is little more to be found, and he is convinced that many of them will starve. He estimates that at least 20 inhabitants of his village were killed in the September clashes…
One refugee told DW his story: He said he had been threatened by Séléka rebels both in his own neighborhood as well as outside the city. “That’s why we’ve come here,” he said. “The Séléka, the Muslims, and the Peul [a mainly Muslim minority] attacked us. They had machetes and the Séléka had rifles, too. They set fire to our houses and other buildings.” Along with others, he fled and now sleeps on a cold, bare floor in the Catholic Church. “We live like stray dogs,” he said. “We’re hungry, especially the children, because we can’t harvest anything anymore. The cattle that wander around freely have destroyed everything.”