Sharia Law to be Enforced in Nigerian State

ICC Note: ICC has continued to report on the efforts of Christians in Muslim-dominated ares to resist Islamists oppression. Nigeria, nominally a secular nation, appears unable or unwilling to protect the religious freedoms of Christian minority communities.

10/15/2013 Nigeria (CBN) – Islamic police in northern Nigeria’s Kano state will begin enforcing Sharia law. Ten thousand officers will be on the streets making sure all citizens, including Christians, adhere to the strict Islamic legal code. Law enforcement has orders to arrest anyone wearing “indecent dress” such as sleeveless T-shirts and pants that cut off just below the knee. They’ll also be watching the city’s small, motorized rickshaw taxis for men and women traveling together. Kano is one of nine states in northern Nigeria that has introduced Shariah law. Southern Nigeria is mostly Christian and is ruled by secular law. … [FULL STORY]

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