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Pastor of the capital of Kazakhstan held in a psychiatric hospital a month
ICC Note:
Pastor Bahtzhan Kashkumbaev was transferred from prison in Astana to a Psychiatric Ward in Almaty a little over a month ago. Pastor Kashkumbaev was hidden from the public eye with everyone, including his family and lawyer, refused visits—something confirmed by ICC in a recent visit to Almaty. While other patients in the ward went for examinations two to three times during this month, Pastor Kashkumbaev was subjected to examinations 19 times. There are reports that the pastor has been released from the ward, but remains in police custody. Whether he is in prison in Almaty or back in Astana remains unclear.
9/12/2013 Kazakhstan (CNL)- The pastor of the Protestant Church “Grace,” 67-year-old resident of Astana Bahtzhan Kashkumbaev held at the National Psychiatric Centre in Almaty almost all of August, four weeks. Apart from a few weeks to a long prison stage of Almaty and Astana in the back, the decision of the investigators check the “mental health” Pastor cost him the new observations in life that he had never imagined he could. Under arrest since May of this year Kashkumbaev pastor accused of intentionally causing grievous bodily harm at least one of his parishioners by “hypnosis”.
Kashkumbaeva lawyer, Nurlan Beisekeyev told Liberty that had to go through it to the client in a psychiatric hospital, institution, hidden from the public eye.  Pastor Bahtzhana Kashkumbaeva during his stay in a mental health center in Almaty contained in a common cell (called the house) with six other pre-trial detainees in the basement.
“If other, he said, were taken to a medical examination only two or three times then it during this period caused 19 times, “- said Nurlan Beisekeyev. Pastor at first puzzled by the fact that during the survey not only asked him tough questions, but questions concerning his religious feelings and other aspects of personal life. Physicians interested in an answer to a question about why he believes in Jesus.
Inmates were told that doctors are experts in such a way to provoke the fact that he lost his temper, and then make a preconceived conclusion about the state of his mind. The inmates were advised the pastor to keep restraint and not give in to provocations.  “But he’s already a calm and self-possessed. So do not give in to provocations and calmly and reasonably answered the questions of doctors,” – says Nurlan Beisekeyev the words of the pastor.

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