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Maxim: the persecution of the freedom of conscience in Kazakhstan are enhanced
ICC Note:
New Life church of Almaty, Kazakhstan recently were forbidden from having guest preachers at their “Jubilee Conference.” ICC recently met with some of these pastors in Almaty and can confirm that two guest preachers had been invited to speak, but were told by officials that the guests, who travelled from Russia and the Ukraine, could only great the church, but were not allowed to preach. If they did preach, the church would be breaking the law and therefore subject to fines.
8/25/2013 Kazakhstan (CNL)- Maxim Maximov, founder of the CNL and the pastor of the church “New Life”, Almaty, Kazakhstan, has made ​​an urgent application. publish the text of the statement follows: I, Maxim Maximov, I write this, knowing that the consequences might be for me. But you need to know about this madness! I arrived at the jubilee conference in Ust-Kamenogorsk in eastern Kazakhstan. With me came here preacher and musician Sergey Shidlovskiy pastor Dmitry Shletgauer. For several months we have been trying to get permission for visitors from Russia and Ukraine – sent email inquiries. Immediately after his arrival in the city of Ust-Kamenogorsk (Dima and Sergei) was taken to the Administration of (City Hall) for a meeting with officials of Religious Affairs. When I found out that they require in person at City Hall, was very surprised! In the office they were met by two officials for talks, “an acquaintance with foreign guests” (one was a strict and the other a more open). The meeting lasted 30 minutes.The official unequivocally prohibited the Shidlovskii preach in the church, was only given permission to congratulate people on stage (do not remember God and faith). Dime Shletgaueru banned in the church to sing Christian songs, but can be neutral (neither about God nor about faith, nothing Christian). They immediately warned that if they violate that right, then there will be consequences: the church will be fined, and their ever deported. Local pastor Vitali was forced to sign a document that he is familiar with this warning. Vitali has pleased me, “Pastor Maxim, you will preach at all meetings so our guests have forbidden to preach in the church building.” When we came to the meeting in the hall, in the ranks was waiting THIS SAME OFFICIAL! He sat all the congregation that outlined my sermon.

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