Persecution in Afghanistan Set for Dramatic Escalation as Parliamentarian Declares Christian Converts Should be Executed

ICC Note:

After discovering the growth of Christianity in Afghanistan and in Afghan populations living outside of Afghanistan, some of the country’s parliamentarians have declared that converts to Christianity should be executed. Parliamentarian Nazir Ahmad Hanafi is leading this charge to stem the growth of Christianity and has blamed the presence of the United States in Afghanistan for the spread of Christianity among Afghans. Please pray for these brothers and sisters as they may face increased persecution for their new faith soon.

9/11/2013 Afghanistan (Aleteia) – A member of the Afghan Parliament suggested that those who convert from Islam to Christianity are to be executed, according to the sharia (Islamic law), in order to stop the rapid growth of Christianity among Afghan citizens, within the country and abroad.

As reported to Fides by local sources, the shock-appeal of the Muslim Parliamentary Nazir Ahmad Hanafi came after a report published by the Afghan press that noted the increase of Christians in Afghanistan.

Hanafi told the assembly: “The Afghan people continue to convert to Christianity in India. This is an affront to the Islamic law and, according to the Quran, they have to be executed.” Previously, another member of the Afghan Parliament had reported that in India, where there are thousands of Afghan refugees, a Christian community was founded called “Church of the Afghans,” where all the citizens of Kabul are invited.

As Fides learns, in the ensuing discussion at the meeting, another Member of Parliament , Abdul Latif Pedram, said that “conversions to Christianity are the result of the presence of the United States in Afghanistan.”

In conclusion, Abdul Rauf Ibrahimi, President of Parliament, condemning all the activities of “Christian proselytism” in Afghanistan, has ordered the National Committee for safety to “follow the matter seriously.”

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