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ICC Note:
Relations between Christians and Muslims in the small Punjabi village of Chak-38 boiled over when a Christian boy and a Muslim girl married and ran away together. As a result, the brother of the Muslim girl instigated mob violence against the Christians remaining in Chak-38 when he discovered that his sister had run away with a Christian. According to the Christians of Chak-38, the Muslims looted their homes, tortured them and kicked them out of the village. Now these persecuted Christians are holding a protest, trying to get the Pakistani government to step in and give them justice.
9/4/2013 Pakistan (The Hindu) – Four Christian families were forced out of their homes in Pakistan’s Punjab province after a man from the minority community married a Muslim girl, Christian leaders said on Wednesday.
The incident occurred some days ago in Sargodha district, 200 km from the Punjab capital of Lahore. The displaced families staged a protest outside the Lahore Press Club on Wednesday and demanded that the Government help them return to their houses.
They also asked authorities to help them get back the money and household items that were allegedly looted from their homes by Muslim residents of their neighbourhood.
Holding placards and crosses, the Christians alleged that they were “tortured” by Muslim residents of Chak-38 village in Sargodha last week.
The head of the affected Christians, Nazir Masih, told PTI that his nephew Ansar Masih had married a Muslim girl named Muneza several months ago.
“The woman’s brother-in-law, Rana Saifullah, warned us to hand over Ansar and Muneza, otherwise they would not spare our families,” Mr. Masih said.
Ansar Masih left the area after marrying Muneza. “We told them (Muslims) that we don’t know about the whereabouts of the couple,” he said.
“On hearing this, Saifullah gathered the local Muslims who tortured the relatives of Ansar. They also looted their houses and shops and then occupied them,” he alleged.
Human Liberation Commission of Pakistan chairman Aslam Sahotra told PTI that over two dozen members of the affected Christian families were “on the run” and the Government was paying no attention to their plight.

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