Rescuing and serving persecuted Christians since 1995
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ICC Note:
Representatives from the Catholic Church in the Central African Republic has begun to investigate alleged incidents of violence against Christians living in the rural parts of the country. In March 2013, a rebel group named Seleka representing the country’s minority Muslim population took over the country in a military coup. Since then, reports of violence against Christians has increased dramatically. Will the Church discover that persecution of Christians is on the rise in the Central African Republic and is Seleka to blame? 
9/2/2013 Central African Republic (Catholic Culture) -Representatives of a diocese in the Central African Republic have investigated recent violence against Christians in Bohong, a rural town in the western part of the nation, according to a report from the Fides news agency.
Members of Seleka, the Islamist rebel movement that seized power in the nation in March, had desecrated a chapel, looted a rectory and convent, and burned down huts used for religious instruction.
The investigators counted 206 villagers who had fled.
“No thatched house was spared belonging to the non-Muslim inhabitants,” according to the diocese’s report. At Bohong’s parish, “the tabernacle and the altar were in good condition, without any damage. But in the sacristy all objects of worship and liturgical books were thrown on the ground.”

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