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ICC Note:
Earlier this month, a Christian mother was kidnapped and sexually abused by suspected al-Shabaab militants in Somalia. The young mother of two was likely targeted by the Islamic militants because of her and her families religious identity. On August 5, Shamsa Enow Hussein was abducted outside of her home in Bulo Marer. Hours after her disappearance, Shamsa’s husband received one final text message from his wife warning him to take the children and flee the area because the militants had discovered they were Christians.
8/30/2013 Somalia (Christian Today) – Suspected al-Shabaab militants in Somalia have kidnapped and sexually abused a young Christian mother and sent threatening messages to her husband because of their faith.
Shamsa Enow Hussein (28), who has two daughters, aged 5 and 3, was abducted outside her home in Bulo Marer by three masked men on 5 August.
Her husband, Mohamed Isse Osman (31), told Morning Star News that he heard his wife and children screaming as he approached the house.
His captured wife was able to send him a text message that night; it said: “Please leave immediately because of what we believe. They have abused me sexually saying I am an infidel.”
Mohamed heeded her call, taking their two children to another town. He has received threatening text messages from Shamsa’s kidnappers, one of which said: “Your wife has told us all about your Christian involvement and soon we shall come for you too.”
Al-Shabaab reportedly has a base in Bulo Marer. The Islamist militant group is fighting against the Somali government; it did control much of the south of the country but lost control of several areas following military intervention by neighbouring Kenya and other African Union troops.
Al-Shabaab’s battle against Somali Christians, however, shows no sign of weakening. They monitor those suspected of having converted from Islam and kill them.

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