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ICC Note: In the midst of the violence sweeping Egypt, many of the supporters of Mohamed Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood have targeted Christians as responsible for their fate. The result has been the destruction of hundreds of Christian churches, shops, and homes. The result has not led to a vilification of the Christian community as the Muslim Brotherhood had hoped, but many have become disgusted with their violent actions.
By Lisa Daftari
8/25/2013 Egypt (Fox News) – As their nation descends into violent chaos, Egyptians are increasingly blaming the Muslim Brotherhood, despite attempts by the Islamist group to scapegoat Christians and the military, according to several sources who spoke to from Cairo.
“The Muslim Brotherhood has lost all sympathy with their points due to their violence,” said a Long Island, N.Y., Egyptian-American, who is in a Cairo suburb for a family wedding.
The man, a Coptic Christian who asked that his name not be used until he and his family are safely back in the U.S., told he arrived in the Cairo suburb of Heliopolis last weekend, just days after Muslim Brotherhood supporters began clashing violently with security forces. Since then, nightly curfews, angry mobs and closed roads that cut off supplies to restaurants and groceries have made his homeland unrecognizable.
“We see very few people after 7 p.m. in the streets,” he told
The violence began when, more than a month after the military stripped President Mohammad Morsi of power and took him into custody, authorities cleared camps of protesters in Cairo.
That action prompted a violent uprising in which more than 1,000 people have been killed. Morsi, who critics said had put the nation on a path toward Islamist rule, is now facing accusations of conspiring with Hamas to escape from prison during the 2011 uprising and complicity in the killing and torture of protesters outside his Cairo palace in December.
A Muslim woman named Nina told most citizens – Christian and Muslim – are solidly behind the military, which has been criticized by the west for its decisive crackdown on Muslim Brotherhood supporters.

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