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ICC Note: Millions of Chinese Christians today choose to worship in unregistered and technically illegal house churches rather than join the government controlled Protestant “Three-Self” Church. Recently a Three-Self church committee attempted to evict a house church in Shandong Province. Police officers broke into the building used by the church and detained the pastors wife along with other members for several hours. While China’s constitution protects the right to religious freedom, Christians often find themselves harassed, arrested, and even imprisoned for refusing to join the government church. 
8/23/2013 China (ChinaAid) – On Aug. 22, the Christian committee of the Three-Self Patriotic Movement (TSPM) in Jiaozhou, Qingdao, Shandong Province issued a notice in an attempt to evict Jiazhou Bay Christian Church, a house church that gathered to worship in Bainian Hall, citing that the hall is privately established and the occupancy is illegal. The TSPM gave the church a three day notice and tried to seize the church’s other properties.
Bainian Hall’s external repairs are near completion in this photo.
On the morning of Aug. 21, Zhang Shuguang (Police No. 022435), a police officer from Zhongyun Police Station in Jiaozhou city, led several “assistant” police officers to break into Bainian Hall to investigate an alleged pyramid scheme. The police officers threatened the church members present and confiscated their cell phones. The officers forcefully detained the pastor’s wife, along with several church members, and held them for several hours. The “assistant” officers were temporary employees and none, including Zhang, showed the proper documents to the church members.
That afternoon, Officer Zhang brought Deng Jie, director of the TSPM committee appointed by the Religious Affairs Bureau; Wang Zhanquan, assistant director and son of the original director of the Jiaozhou TSPM Christian committee; Li Shusheng, an accountant from Jiaozhou Bureau of Finance; Gao Fuqiang, a gate guard; and several other people to break into Bainian Hall. The men brought a document issued by the Religious Affairs Bureau and threated the brothers and sisters in the church who were reading the Bible.

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