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ICC Note: As the conflict in Syria continues to spiral out of control, the whereabouts of Father Paolo remain unknown. Reports of his death were retracted after groups came forward claiming Father Paolo, who worked in Syria promoting “Christian and Muslim harmony” for more than 20 years, was alive. The groups have yet to provide evidence that Father Paolo is still living. Christians in Syria have been caught up in the more than two year long conflict between the government of Bashar Al-Assad and rebel groups, many of whom are comprised of radical Islamists. 
8/22/2013 Syria (WWM) – Conflicting reports are emerging about the whereabouts and welfare of an Italian Jesuit priest who went missing almost one month ago.
Reuters reported on July 29 that Fr. Paolo Dall’Oglio had been abducted by Islamists with links to al-Qaeda in the northern Syrian city of ar-Raqqah, but the Vatican would not confirm the news.
Now, as various reports claim the priest has been killed, the Vatican remains tight-lipped.
The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights reported last week that the priest had been killed, but retracted its statement on Monday, Aug. 19.
The rights organisation said sources close to the Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham, or ISIS, which claimed it has kidnaped Dall’Oglio, said he was still alive. ISIS has yet to make a statement.
“No side refuting the report that Father Paolo was killed has shown any evidence to prove that he is alive, despite their empty assurances,” said a statement released by the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights.
The group called for “solid evidence” to be given, such as a recent video proving that he is alive, and a statement from a “clear and honest” member of the Syrian opposition.
“Any harm inflicted on Father Paolo is harm inflicted on the Syrian revolution and on the Syrian peoples’ freedoms and dignity,” SOHR said.

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