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ICC Note: In a recent sting operation Indonesian security forces arrested four alleged terrorists who are believed to have been a part of the bombing of a Christian church in September of 2011. The bombing, a suicide attack, left only the attacker dead but nearly two dozen church goers wounded. The attack also revived deeply rooted fears that radical Islamic groups might once again launch the kind of offensives that left more than 10,000 Christians homeless and hundreds dead on the Sulawesi and Moluccas Islands of Indonesia during the turn of the century. 
8/21/2013 Indonesia (Jakarta Globe) – Indonesia’s anti-terror detachment Densus 88 arrested four terror suspects in Cipayung, East Jakarta, on Tuesday night, directly after five members of another terrorist group were apprehended in Bekasi, West Java.
Sr. Cmr. Agus Rianto, a spokesman for the National Police, told Indonesian news portal Tempo that Iqbal Khusaeni, who is also known as Ramli, Maryono, Eno Karseno and Rukiyat were arrested on convictions of terrorism.
“We arrested Ramli in Cipayung [on Tuesday night],” a source with Densus 88 told the Jakarta Globe. “He’s allegedly related to Irul.”
Khaerul Ichwan, known as Irul, was arrested along with four others during a raid in Bekasi which targeted a group accused of planning several bomb plots, including attacks on the Myanmar Embassy and a church in Solo, Central Java.
All four of the suspects in Cipayung were arrested at Iqbal’s house on Jalan Masjid.
“Densus 88 found the other three men at his house, so they were all arrested,” Agus said on Wednesday.
Police confiscated two handguns, two airsoft pistols and dozens of bullets.

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