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ICC Note:
The Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) declared yesterday that it is unhappy that the leader of the Islamic militant group Boko Haram has been reportedly killed by Nigerian security forces. CAN leadership said that it would have been better if Shekau had been captured alive and faced justice in a public courtroom where he could answer for the atrocities Boko Haram has visited upon thousands in northern Nigeria. CAN leadership used its announcement yesterday to also send a message to other Boko Haram members, inviting them to lay down their arms before they share a similar fate as their leader.
8/21/2013 Nigeria (Osun Defender) – The Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN), yesterday said it would have been better for Shekau to be captured alive to face prosecution, instead of being killed.
When contacted on phone for his reaction to the death of the terrorist, the Public Relations Officer (PRO), Northern Christian Association, Mr. Sunday Oibe, said if he had been captured alive, Nigerians would have asked him why he unleashed so much terror on innocent citizens, especially Christians.
In his words: “As Christians, we don’t rejoice over the death of anyone. The Bible says God does not take delight in the death of a sinner, but wants him to repent. All I can say right now is that Shekau would have been captured alive to answer questions on his activities, so that the whole world would know why he embarked on such massive destruction of human lives and property.”
While commending the efforts of security operatives in the fight against the insurgence, Oibe said other sect members should take a cue and depart from their evil ways to avoid being killed by the agents of government.
“The rest of Boko Haram members should take this as a lesson that nobody fights government and gets away with it. They should stop and repent from their evil way and embrace peace.
“If their so-called strong leader could be killed, they should know that the arm of the law is long enough to clip their wings. They should know that God is against their dastard act and they should have a change of mind from evil immediately,” Obi said.
With the death of Shekau and other activities of the joint security agents in the North, the Northern CAN spokesperson said the federal government should immediately disband the Dialogue Committee on Boko Haram.

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