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ICC Note:
On August 5, a Christian woman in Somalia was abducted outside of her house by suspected al-Shabaab militants. Christians in Somalia are forced to meet in very secure underground fellowships because al-Shabaab, an Islamic terrorist group closely tied to al-Qaeda, has vowed to rid Somalia of all Christians. If discovered by al-Shabaab, underground Christians in Somalia often face immediate execution. No trace of this Christian woman has been discovered since August 5 and her husband and two children have gone into hiding. Please pray for this persecuted family.
8/21/2013 Somalia (Christian Today) – Islamic extremists suspected to be rebel al-Shabab militants have kidnapped a Christian mother of two young children in Somalia and threatened her husband because of their faith, her husband said.
Three masked men abducted Shamsa Enow Hussein, 28, on August 5 in Bulo Marer, Lower Shebelle Region, at 7 pm outside her home after determining that she was a secret Christian, 31-year-old Mohamed Isse Osman told Morning Star News.
“I just heard screaming from my wife and the children as I approached my house,” Osman said.
That night, his wife was able to send him a text message saying he should flee the area, he said.
“Please leave immediately because of what we believe,” she said in the text. “They have abused me sexually saying I am an infidel.”
According to the East Africa correspondent for the news service, Osman said he has received anonymous, threatening text messages from the kidnappers from a withheld number, including one reading, “Your wife has told us all about your Christian involvement and soon we shall come for you too.”
A leader of the underground church in the undisclosed town to which Osman and his daughters, ages 3 and 5, have fled said Osman has not heard from his wife since her August 5 text message.
“Our two young daughters are crying for their mother,” Osman told the church leader.
The story went on to say that a resident of the Bulo Marer area whose name is withheld confirmed that Hussein was abducted but that local residents knew little else about it.
“What little we knew about Osman’s family was that they were not very committed to attending the mosque during Ramadan time,” he said.
Somalis consider themselves Muslim by birth, and apostasy, or leaving Islam, is punishable by death.
“Al-Shabab, said to have ties with Al Qaeda, reportedly has a base in Bulo Marer. The group has vowed to rid Somalia of Christians, who meet secretly due to persecution. Al Shabaab is battling the Somali government that replaced the Transitional Federal Government a year ago, on August 20, 2012,” added the East Africa Correspondent.
“On June 7 in Jamaame District in southern Somalia, insurgents from the group shot 28-year-old Hassan Hurshe to death after identifying him as a Christian, sources said. Al Shabaab members brought Hurshe to a public place in the town of Jilib and shot him in the head, they said.”
The insurgents have lost control of several areas of Somalia since Kenyan military forces helped to dislodge them in the past year, but they are suspected in the shooting death of a Christian pharmacist on the outskirts of Kismayo in February. Two masked men killed Ahmed Ali Jimale, a 42-year-old father of four, on Feb. 18 as he stood outside his house in Alanley village.

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