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ICC Note:
An elderly Christian woman has been attacked and beaten by four Hindu extremists in Rajasthan, India. The mother of Rev. Vishaal Behl was home alone when extremists broke in attempting to find her son to beat him for his Christian activities. When the intruders didn’t find Rev. Behl, they turned their rage upon his mother, severely injuring her head and arms. This is just another attack in a new wave of intolerance that is crashing across India. Please pray for this persecuted family and families who have also experienced this extreme form of intolerance.
8/19/2013 India (Asia News) – “If you do not convert to Hinduism we will kill you and cut you in pieces,” a group of ultra-nationalist Hindus told an elderly Christian as they attacked her at her son’s home in Jaipur (Rajasthan). The men were looking for him, Rev Vishaal Behl, a Pentecostal clergyman, and his wife.
Sajan George, president of the Global Council of Indian Christians (GCIC), expressed “deep sorrow” for the attack against the woman, who was seriously injured to the head and arms.
The beating she received, he said, is symptomatic of “the increasing intolerance and hostility towards Christians, the silence of the authorities and the absence of convictions” for the guilty.
At the time of the attack, on 13 August, the woman was alone in her son’s house, which doubles as a prayer room for the Fire of God Ministries, the Pentecostal community he leads.
Early in the afternoon, four men came to the door, faces disguised by helmets. When they found out that the Rev Behl and his wife were not at home, they broke in, and began breaking the furnishings.
They also threatened the elderly woman to get her to tell them where her son and daughter-in-law were. The woman told them she did not know; for that reason, she was beaten. When some neighbours realised what was going on, the Hindu radicals left.

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