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ICC Note:
Cleric Khalid Chishti was acquitted of all charges in regards to evidence tampering and false testimony the cleric brought against the 14-year-old Christian girl, Rimsha Masih, when he accused her of burning pages out of the Quran. Many suspect the cleric added pages of the Quran to a pile of ashes and then accused the Rimsha of blasphemy. Rimsha was ultimately found innocent of the accusation and was taken to Canada because of death threats from Muslim hard-liners. This is just another case in which Pakistan’s controversial blasphemy law is abused to the determent of religious minorities in Pakistan. 
8/18/2013 Pakistan (The Asian Age) – A Pakistani court on Saturday acquitted prime suspect Khalid Chishti of all charges as six out of eight eyewitnesses chan­ged their statements in a blasphemy case involving a Christian minor girl.
“The Islamabad High Court acquitted Khalid Chishti of all charges”, said a court official. Eye-witnesses said they made different statements earlier due to various pressures.
The cleric was accused of adding pages from the Quran to ashes seized from 14-year-old Rimsha Masih to implicate her and make the case stronger.
Three witnesses who had testified against the cleric had later backtracked from their statements saying that the police had “forced” them to testify on October 10, 2012.
Rimsha Masih was arrested under the blasphemy laws from the outskirts of Islamabad on August 16, 2012 after a mob of angry residents gathered at the Ramna police station and accused her of burning pages of the Quran.
The charges against Rimsha Masih led to the exodus of dozens of Christian families from the neighbourhood after Chishti, the imam of a mosque, allegedly issued a decree on his mosque’s loudspeaker to burn Christians of the Mehrabadi village alive.

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