Rescuing and serving persecuted Christians since 1995
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Rukhmir (left) and Shahtaj (right) thank ICC and its donors for all of the support they have received. They are now excelling in school and have reported being able to finally make friends.  When the Christian children attended government schools, they were daily made fun of for being Christians not only by their peers, but also by their teachers. At one point, Shahtaj was called to the front of her class by her teacher. He then proceeded to pressure her, in front of her classmates, to convert to Islam.
ICC assisted both Rukhmir and Shahtaj by pulling them out of the government school and enrolled them into a private Christian school, covering their tuition and other school fees. During a recent visit with the family, both children reported excelling in their studies at their new school. Both also said that they were finally able to start making friends at school. Thousands of Christian children face struggles similar to those experienced by Rukhmir and Shahtaj. Persecuted and discriminated against because of their religious identity, many of these Christian children don’t understand why and daily fear their next day at school.
Please pray for Christian children who are pressured to convert in Pakistan.