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ICC Note:
In a recent statement, Nigeria’s President Goodluck Jonathan denied the possibility of Nigeria dividing in 2015 on religious lines. Nigeria is roughly evenly divided between Christians and Muslims. In the Muslim dominated north, the Islamic extremist group Boko Haram has been conducting an armed insurgency that has dominated Nigerian politics for the past four years. This conflict has led many to wonder whether Nigeria will divide along religious lines to bring peace to Nigeria’s north. Christians, living in the minority in northern Nigeria, are being persecuted by Boko Haram, leading to a mass exodus of Christians moving into the south.
8/9/2013 Nigeria (AllAfrica) – President Goodluck Jonathan Thursday emphasised that those predicting the disintegration of Nigeria would be disappointed because the things that united Nigerians are greater than those that divide them and he can’t imagine a Nigeria without Muslims and Christians.
Speaking after the Vice President, Namadi Sambo led other muslim faithfuls on a Sallah homage to him, the president noted that some of the problems the country is experiencing are temporary and largely being fuelled by some selfish elites.
According to the President, “Christians and Muslims are brothers and sisters and we must live together.
For those who are predicting that this country will separate in 2015 based on the fault lines as at the time of the amalgamation will know that this prediction will not be of any consequence. Nigeria will continue to remain one indivisible country” he said.
He said that Nigeria’s uniqueness is borne of its position as a deeply religious people of Christians and Muslims, saying that is the country’s unique advantage.
“For us, we cannot imagine a Nigeria without Muslims and Christians. you can call it another name, but not Nigeria so it is a blessing that this is one country that you have significant population of Muslims and Christians and this religious diversity will enhance our development because we can get across the whole world wherever we go we are accepted.
That helps us in so many ways We are not even exploiting our diversity because of the myopic views of the elites about our situations” he said .

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