Rescuing and serving persecuted Christians since 1995
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Last month, ICC received tragic news from one of its partner organizations working in Burma. Saw Wah, an “active and energetic” member of the Free Burma Rangers passed away after months of battling a disease contracted while working to assist the persecuted. Ethnic groups that are predominantly Christian such as the Karen and Kachin, have faced systematic discrimination and persecution at the hands of the Burmese military. Providing assistance in remote areas and conflict zones is often dangerous work, and Saw Wah knew the danger and risk of working in Burma.
When asked why he joined the Free Burma Rangers (FBR), in a noble response, he said, “My goal in joining FBR is to help my suffering people.  I give my life to help them until I die.” Saw Wah is a powerful example of what it looks like to lay down your life for others so that they may live.  Above is a photo of Saw Wah as an FBR.
Please join us as we celebrate Saw Wah’s life of service for the persecuted and as we pray for Saw Wah’s wife and son during this difficult time.